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Topptur Ski

Stardalen and Jølster offer many great ski touring options, ranging from short ascents to longer tours on the glacier and mountain peaks along the glacier's edge.


Tortnegrøegga 1414 moh

Tortnegrøegga in Befringsdalen is indeed a fantastic vantage point offering beautiful views of Jølstravatnet and Jostedalsbreen on the other side of Befringsdalen. The area retains snow well into late May or early June, making it a great destination for spring ski touring or hiking.

To reach Tortnegrøegga, you can start from the parking area near Befringstøylen and follow the well-marked trail into Befringsdalen. As you ascend, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The final stretch to Tortnegrøegga may require some steep and rugged sections, so it's important to be prepared and have appropriate gear, including crampons and an ice axe if necessary.

Once you reach Tortnegrøegga, take your time to soak in the panoramic vistas of Jølstravatnet and Jostedalsbreen. It's a truly remarkable sight and a great reward for your efforts.

As always, check weather conditions and avalanche forecasts before embarking on any mountain adventure, and make sure you have the necessary skills and equipment for the terrain and conditions.

Bjørga 1551 moh

Bjørga is a mountain peak located at the innermost part of Befringsdalen. It can also be accessed by hiking through Fossheimsdalen. The ascent to Bjørga from Befringsdalen is typically done through Rambjørgbotnen.

To hike to Bjørga from Befringsdalen via Rambjørgbotnen, you can start from the trailhead in Befringsdalen and follow the marked trail towards Rambjørgbotnen. The trail will take you through scenic landscapes, including valleys, rivers, and possibly some steep sections.

As you make your way up Rambjørgbotnen, you'll gradually gain elevation and eventually reach the summit of Bjørga. From the top, you'll be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

It's important to note that hiking to Bjørga requires proper planning and preparation. The terrain can be challenging, and it's crucial to have appropriate hiking gear, including sturdy footwear, sufficient water and food, navigation tools, and clothing suitable for changing weather conditions.


Additionally, always check weather forecasts and trail conditions before embarking on any mountain hike, and make sure to inform someone about your planned route and estimated return time for safety purposes.


Snønipa 1827 moh

Snønipa is a majestic mountain peak that is particularly popular during Easter and throughout the spring. Located in the municipality of Jølster, Snønipa offers an impressive panoramic view over the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, the largest glacier on the European mainland.

To climb Snønipa, you can start from various starting points depending on the route you choose. A common route begins from Haugabreen, which is a glacier arm within the Jostedalsbreen National Park. From Haugabreen, you follow a trail up the mountain, eventually reaching Snønipa at an elevation of around 1827 meters.

It's important to note that climbing Snønipa requires experience in mountain hiking and glacier travel, as well as proper equipment and good physical condition. Parts of the route can be steep and challenging, and it's important to be mindful of safety and weather conditions.

On the way up Snønipa, you will experience the majestic nature of the Jostedalsbreen area, with glaciers, mountain landscapes, and beautiful surroundings. At the summit, you will be rewarded with a fantastic view of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier and the surrounding mountain areas.

As with any mountain hike, it's important to be well-prepared. Make sure to have appropriate gear, including hiking boots, warm clothing, food and water, maps and compass, as well as knowledge of navigation and first aid. Always check the weather conditions and trail conditions before you go, and be aware of any warnings or recommendations from local authorities or experienced mountaineers.

Prioritize your own safety and be cautious during the ascent of Snønipa. Enjoy the spectacular view and the unique experience of being surrounded by majestic mountains and glaciers.

Hanekammen 1651 moh

Hanekammen is another long top tour that is popular during the spring season, similar to Snønipa. It is located in the same region as Snønipa, in Jølster municipality. The ascent to Hanekammen can be made via Haugedalen.

Starting from Haugedalen, you will follow a trail that takes you up towards Hanekammen. The exact route may vary depending on the specific path you choose and the current conditions. The ascent to Hanekammen can be challenging and requires a good level of physical fitness and hiking experience.

As you make your way up, you will be surrounded by stunning natural scenery, including mountains, valleys, and possibly snow-covered landscapes depending on the time of year. Hanekammen offers breathtaking panoramic views from its summit, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding Jølster region.

Just like with any mountain hike, it is important to be well-prepared and equipped. Make sure to have suitable hiking gear, including sturdy boots, warm clothing, sufficient food and water, navigation tools, and emergency supplies. Check weather forecasts and trail conditions before embarking on the hike, and consider consulting with local experts or experienced hikers for up-to-date information.

Safety should always be a priority during mountain tours. Be aware of any potential hazards, such as steep or slippery sections, and use caution when navigating the terrain. It is also important to respect the natural environment and adhere to any local regulations or guidelines for responsible hiking.

Enjoy the rewarding experience of hiking Hanekammen and soak in the magnificent views that await you at the summit.

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