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Haugadalen, Oldeskaret and Haugabreen

At Høyset, you can walk or drive a toll road 3 km up to the parking lot at 650 meters above sea level. Please note that the road is usually not open until mid-June.

ROUTE A: OLDESKARET (1100 meters above sea level)

Hiking time from the parking lot: 4 hours round trip. The trail starts from the parking lot and follows a well-marked path past Haugastøylen along the river. After crossing the bridge, continue following the marked route to Oldeskaret. There are two uphill sections after the bridge. After the final ascent, you will pass through an area with many rocks along a lake. The route is well-marked and easy to follow. Once you reach Oldeskaret, you will see a cairn marking the spot. This is a beautiful mountain hike in a wild and stunning landscape, surrounded by glaciers and tall mountains. From Oldeskaret, there is a marked trail leading down to Briksdal in Olden.

ROUTE B: HAUGABREEN (900 meters above sea level)

Hiking time from the parking lot: 3 hours round trip. Follow the same trail as Route A until you reach the bridge over the river. From there, turn left onto a well-marked path that leads to the front of Haugabreen glacier. Be cautious near the glacier river coming from the left, and be aware that there may be icefall from the glacier front! From Haugadalen, you can continue to Snønipa (1827 meters above sea level). Snønipa is the highest mountain in Jølster, offering a fantastic view of Jostedalsbreen and the surrounding mountain areas. The route takes you across Haugabreen glacier, and the hiking time is approximately 5 hours to the summit. This hike requires glacier experience and proper glacier equipment.

Guided tours to Haugabreen and Snønipa can be arranged through the Tourist Information in Skei.


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