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Tverrdalen and Langedalen

Fonn (300 meters above sea level) is the eastern endpoint of the road in Stardalen. It is located in close proximity to Jostedalsbreen, nestled between high mountains and wild nature.

ROUTE A: TVERRDALEN / GALLEN (1386 meters above sea level):

Hiking time: 6-8 hours round trip. This hike requires mountain experience. From the end of the road, follow the trail until you reach a bridge over a river. Continue further into Tverrdalen until you encounter a river coming from the right. From there, the trail turns right along the mountain ridge and ascends to the summit of Gallen. The ascent is steep in a dramatic and scenic landscape.


Hiking time: 2 hours round trip. The starting point is approximately 150 meters before the end of the road. Cross the bridge over the river on a private road through the farmyard. Continue on a forest road and eventually onto a regular trail (not marked). There is a nice picnic area on a flat spot by a river coming from the right. This is an easy and peaceful family hike surrounded by wild nature.


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