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Veitebergsdalen and Bakkestøylen

Bakkestøylen is an easily accessible hiking destination. There is a good road and a well-used trail that takes you to the highest point in the valley, at 610 meters above sea level. Steep mountains and a narrow valley give you a sense of the majestic nature surrounding you. There is a nice view towards Befringsdalen to the south. The hike can also continue to Myklebust in Breim if you wish to extend the distance. The hiking time from the cabin village is approximately 3 hours.

Take the east exit from E39 near Skei, following the sign towards Stardalen. Continue on the road for approximately 7.5 kilometers until you reach a forest road that branches off to the left, 300 meters east of Veiteberg. This is the starting point (290 meters above sea level) for the hike. Follow the forest road for about 2.5 kilometers. At the end of the road, cross a bridge to the left and continue across the next bridge. There is a good trail that leads to Bakkestøylen. You can go fishing for trout in small mountain lakes, but remember to obtain a fishing permit. This is a easy and enjoyable family hike!

Veitebergsdalen is a mountain valley where the highest point is located at Bakkestøylen, but the valley extends all the way to Myklebust in Gloppen municipality. You can hike there, but the trail is only partially marked. It's approximately 7 kilometers from Bakkestøylen to Myklebust.

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