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Befringsdalen, Bjørja, Strupen and Blåvatnet

Befringsdalen is a 4 km long side valley of Stardalen that extends towards Jostedalsbreen. The valley floor ranges from 600 to 800 meters above sea level. There are toll roads leading to Befringstøylen and Flatjordstøylen, both accessible from the road to Befring. All hikes can be reached from both sides of the river using the bridge at Flatjordstøylen.

ROUTE A: BJØRJA (1551 meters above sea level)

Hiking time: 6-8 hours round trip. From Flatjordstøylen, you follow a well-marked trail on the west side of the river, heading towards the base of Bjørja. Here, you have two alternative routes to the summit.

Left over the bridge, onto the mountain ridge, and continue to the top. Note that this trail is not marked, but it offers a great view along the mountain ridge.

The second route does not cross the bridge. Instead, it follows the river and ascends steeply towards the base of the glacier. From there, you turn left and ascend onto the mountain ridge leading to the summit.

ROUTE B: STRUPEN / KVANNEBAKKBU (1200 and 1520 meters above sea level)

Hiking time: 6-8 hours round trip. From Befringstøylen, you follow a well-marked trail to Strupen, a plateau in front of the glacier. Enjoy the beautiful view of Jostedalsbreen from there. From Strupen, you turn right and head towards the summit of the mountain.

Kvannebakkbu, an open shelter for resting, is located approximately 300 meters into the mountain near a large cairn. Be cautious of partially steep snow slopes below the summit.

ROUTE C: BLÅVATNET (780 meters above sea level)

Hiking time: 3-4 hours round trip. This is an easy and enjoyable family hike to Blåvatnet, located at the southern end of Befringsdalen.

The trail is well-maintained but not marked. It offers a pleasant hiking experience in a beautiful natural area.

Circular route in Befringsdalen

Hiking time: 2-3 hours. An alternative to the mentioned hiking routes is to follow the toll roads on each side of the river, with a crossing at the bridge near Flatjordstøylen. This circular route provides a different perspective of the valley and allows you to explore the surrounding areas.


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